Welfare Benefit Plans

Many compenents comprise a sound retirement plan. And, while traditional retirement planning is a great place to start, proper planning should not end there. MARKE & MARKE, LLC offeres welfare benefit plans that provide important benefits such as long term care, medical reimbursement and permanent life insurance, just to name a few. These typles of plans have been around since the 1920s and are an effective way to provide for an employer’s health and welfare with tax deductible dollars. Retirement planning is more than a client’s retirement account. It also includes protecting against sickness, death, and loss of income. MARKE & MARKE, LLC offers welfare benefit plans that are tax deductive to the employer and provide protection to the employee and their family. These plans offer creditor protection and flexibility in contributions.


Defined Benefit Pension Plans

A defined benefit pension plan is guaranteed with insurance company life and annuity contracts. Unlike traditional defined benefit plans, the defined benefit pension plan invests exclusively in permanent life insurance and/or annuity contracts with guaranteed rates of return. The plan avoids the ups and downs of the stock market and can never suffer any losses or be under-funded. You get the largest tax deductions of any qualified retirement plan – you can invest more and accumulate more for retirement.


Premium Finance

Life insurance is a crucial part of any high net worth client’s comprehensive financial portfolio, yet ensuring adequate life insurance coverage may require considerable premium payments. Premium financing is an alternative for high net worth clients who do not want to liquidate assets to pay for life insurance premiums. With premium financing, premiums are borrowed from a third party lender, minimizing out-of-pocket expenses for the client. Premium financing can be a multi-faceted process and complex sale, but MARKE & MARKE, LLC and its partners are here to provide you with the support and resources you need to grow your business with this alternative and efficient solution for leveraging life insurance premiums.



A captive insurance company is formed primarily for the purpose of insuring or reinsuring the risks of its parent or affiliated companies. It is an alternative form of risk management that has been utilized for over forty years. By establishing a captive, a business can more effectively manage its risks and provide protection against loss. There are many advantages to establishing a captive insurance company, including significant tax benefits, wealth accumulation, favorable distribution rules and retention of key employees. A captive insurance company is an alternate form of risk management that offers a means through which a business can control its insurance needs and protect itself financially.
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